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Snowdon FAQs

Summit Snowdon FAQS


What does the price include?

Price includes contribution towards the hire of professional guides, cost of transport to and from Snowdon and support team for the duration of the trip.


How much is the fundraising target?

The fundraising target for the Summit Snowdon Challenge is £200


How do I set up my Justgiving page?

1) Click on the following link: http://tinyurl.com/tsqseason2justgiving

2) Follow the steps as instructed

3) Once you have created your fundraising page go to http://www.justgiving.com/teams/tsqseason2 and click “Join the Team”.


When do I have to submit my sponsorship money by?

A minimum of 75% of your fundraising target must to be submitted 1 week prior to the challenge. The full target must be submitted a maximum of 2 weeks after the challenge, by (30th August 2014).

Does this campaign and its causes meet the requirements for Zakat?

Yes, this campaign and its causes do meet the requirements of Zakat. Please clarify when


Do we have guides for the duration of the climb?
A. Yes. Our group will be led by professional trek guides who will brief us on the day and guide us to the peak.


How long will it take to climb the mountain?

This will depend on the pace of your group and professional guide in charge of the group.  The guide will always aim to insure that the group is kept as close together as possible and support is given to the slower climbers. On average it can take anything from 6-8 hours to reach the peak and return back to base.


How will we travel to Snowdonia?

The Seekers Quest team will arrange transport (either minibuses or coaches). We require all participants to congregate at Ebrahim College (80-82 Greenfield Rd, London E1 1EJ) for 1am with an estimated departure time of 2am.  We aim to arrive at Snowdonia between 8-9am.


When do we return home?

We aim to leave Snowdonia on the same day at 5pm and arrive back to London 11pm.


Can we be picked up along route?

No. Transport will be arranged to pick up all participants from Ebrahim College, Whitechapel only and cannot make pickups along route.


How long is the journey to Snowdon?

We aim to reach Snowdonia in 6-7 hours from London including breaks and stops.


Can the meeting times be negotiated?

No. Please be on time at the designated meeting point. The coach/minibuses will leave at the scheduled times. Please consider leaving slightly earlier than normal.


Is lunch provided?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to provide lunch or dinner on the outbound or return journey. We recommend that you bring packed lunch with you. Alternatively, you will have opportunities to buy food at scheduled service stops, however this pay be pricier.


Will there be prayer breaks?

We have allocated stop over breaks for Salah (prayer).


How fit do I have to be?

The trek will require a basic level of fitness. If you enjoy regular exercise, trekking, outdoor activity then this is definitely for you!!! Having self motivation, determination and confidence to trek this mountain helps J but most importantly you will have an entire team to support and encourage you throughout so don’t worry!


Can I take part in this challenge in an abaya/jilbaab/burkha?

Yes. However we recommend sisters who are taking part in this challenge wearing Islamic attire to ensure the length does not exceed their ankles, the fabric is not cotton and isn’t too light vulnerable to wind.


Are there any toilet facilities on the Mountain?

Good news is there are male and female toilets available both at the bottom and top of the mountain. Please bare in mind however, there are no facilities available along the trek up or down.