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Once again this year, courageous people from the UK embarked the famous Makka Twin Peaks Challenge in Makka, Saudi Arabia during Easter 2013.


The challenge was to climb the two historical mountains for a charitable cause, specifically supporting Islamic Education in the UK. Climbing two mountains reaching 6,500ft in one day is a challenge within itself, in addition to the scorching Arabian heat with temperatures reaching 45 degrees and above.


The day began at the crack of dawn just after the Morning Prayer. The climbers prepared themselves both mentally and physically for the epic journey. Emotions were high and everyone was full of zeal and confidence. 40 climbers commenced the challenge with the first climber reaching the peak of mount Noor at approximately 8.15am. Everyone else reached the summit by 9am, all 40 climbers managed to successfully climb mount Noor, a new MTP record.


Unfortunately 7 climbers were forced to throw in the towel for the next mountain. However, the eagerness spurred on the zeal of the remaining 33 climbers to take on the next mountain Thawr. Despite the struggle and mental strain, all 33 climbers had reached the summit around 2pm, another record set for MTP.


The Makka Twin Peaks Challenge runs every year around the Easter holidays and the trip usually last between 10 and 12 days. As well as mountain climbing, participants perform Umrah (smaller version of the pilgrimage) and visit historical sites under the guidance of Scholars.


This year along with Makkah Twin Peaks, we offered the ‘Seerah 4D’ course taught by our very own Shaykh Muhammad Sbini of Ebrahim college. Alongside this, ‘The Prophetic Leadership’ course was taught by Ustadth Zahed Ahmed. Both courses have inspired all the participants to reflect on where they are with Allah SWT and how they can become closer to Him SWT.


This year the ‘Makka Twin peaks’ has raised an amazing £50,000 for Islamic education in the UK. Here are a few testimonials from the participants.


Has definitely boosted my imaan – was a life changing experience!

Nizamul Jalal


Alhamdullilah, the MTP was an overall success, the brothers made the experience thoroughly enjoyable.



For some remarkable clips/videos on both the challenge and the course feel free to visit our youtube channel; Ebrahim College Online.




Khalil Foundation (KF) is an organisation that develops and oversees many projects and initiatives with a mainly academic orientation. Our vision is to see “A world educated in how best to serve Allah and His creation”. Ebrahim College (Registered UK charity 1108141) is the Foundation’s first, largest and flagship project. EC runs the challenge to raise funds for Islamic education in the UK. www.ebrahimcollege.org.uk